Nursery specialty basket



Are you looking for a basket with all Nursine specialties? If your goal is a package with the best products of Umbrian and Nursina gastronomy, we recommend that you take a look at this basket of specialties. Starting from pasta, with typical Umbrian strangozzi, to move on to lentils, an PGI product of our territory of Castelluccio di Norcia (find out how to cook lentils with recipes approved by our staff!), with pork salami with wild boar or simple pink pork salami, each product is linked to the territory.

To complete the package we have also added a package of spices, a product certainly less known by most but very practical for use in the kitchen with all types of Italian pasta.

What are you waiting for to discover the products contained in the Nursery specialty basket package? Order it now and receive it in the very short time it takes for the courier to make the delivery.

All products are shipped from our store in Norcia and therefore we can help you at all stages even in the event of an order change. Contact us for all the necessary information.

Furthermore, if you want to have a tasting on site, you can come and visit us in Norcia where we could let you try all our products with small tastings.

The products contained in our packages are subjected to a quality test and we assure you that they are all super tasty.

  • white strangozzi from Umbria 500 g
  • norcia salami with wild boar about 240 g
  • pork sausages about 600 g
  • lentil of castelluccio igp 500 g
  • Spaghetti Spaghetti in Norcina way

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If you want to try these products you can think of preparing some recipes, discover our favorites: recipes with Norcia products.

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