Santangelo Classic Easter Colomba since 1968


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Buy the Classic Easter Colomba of the Santangelo Laboratory, the same is sold in a gift envelope and, with the fast shipping of Norcineria Laudani, you will receive an excellent handmade Umbrian product!

Product packaged in about 900 grams

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The history of the artisan workshop

The history of the artisanal production of the Easter Colomba dates back to 1968. Since then, his production of sweets, both Easter and Christmas, has become a real legend, with a following of loyal customers who turn to the workshop to buy their Easter Colomba. The Umbro laboratory is one of the oldest and most appreciated artisan workshops in the region and provides an Easter Colomba of superior quality, always appreciated by everyone.

The tradition of Colomba and Easter Pizza in Umbria

The tradition of Easter Colomba in Umbria dates back to many centuries ago, when local pastry chefs began to prepare this dessert to celebrate Easter. Today, the Easter Colomba is one of the most popular desserts in the region, and every year many people go to Norcia to taste the famous Easter Pizza.

The characteristics of the Easter Colomba of Norcia

The Easter Colomba is a unique dessert, made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter and sourdough. The texture is soft and silky, and the taste sweet and fragrant. The original recipe uses superior quality ingredients, such as wheat flour and butter of first choice. The dough is flavored with lemon and orange peels, and sprinkled with toasted almonds and chopped sugar.

The secrets of the recipe

Each workshop has its own Easter Colomba recipe and this is a secret that is jealously guarded. In addition, one of the fundamental elements of the recipe is the use of a specially chosen yeast that gives the colomba a soft and silky texture.


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