Easter basket with cold cuts and cheeses



Spend an amazing Easter with Valnerina cured meats and cheeses on your table. Bring the flavor and taste of Norcia to your home in a safe, simple and fast way.

Thanks to this package you can receive almost 4 kg of products to be savored on Easter morning and at all times most suitable for you!

In the Easter package with Valnerina cold cuts and cheeses you will find

  • sweet or cheese Easter pizza (500 g)
  • 1 kg of Norcia flake ham
  • 1 kg of semi-mature shepherd’s pecorino
  • Coral salami (1 piece) about 500-600 g of Norcia
  • slice (about half) of capocollo (also called loin) 500-600 g

Everything is packaged to be placed in a gift box.

The gift box comes in an additional box so that you can also use this box as an Easter gift for your friends and family.

You can also request the delivery of the products of our website to friends or relatives, just indicate it correctly in the order request.

Discover the history of sweet pizza or cheesecake, the Easter crescia.

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We are located in Norcia, in the historic center, so you can trust our packaging, they are all made with traditional products and we carefully check the quality of each individual manufacturer. Do you want to visit our butchery? Come and discover our CUTTING BOARDS. We are always open in Norcia, with continuous hours, so you can also take advantage of it for a different lunch!



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