Cannellini beans



Norcineria Laudani is pleased to bring cannellini beans to your tables, an absolutely inevitable product in the pantries of those who love tasty dishes.

Cannellini beans 500 g

It is a very generic product, but, you know, Valnerina is a land rich in taste and flavor to be combined with the many legumes and cereals. Cannellini beans are really recommended for the summer season, perhaps combined with a fresh onion. Our motto is: find out how to cook a product, every day in a different way!

Thanks to the dried cannellini beans it will be possible to prepare the dishes that combine our norcinerie and the inevitable ham, together with products that are more tasty than ever but low in fat.

Soups lovers cannot fail to appreciate the pasta and beans that can be made perfectly even with these small cannellini beans.

This quality of legumes are also suitable for the preparation of summer dishes, where the bean, once boiled, is eaten cold, but remember to cook it well, in the right timing to avoid that it is too hard or overcooked and “creamy”

Being a dry product, before cooking, it should be soaked for a minimum of 8 hours, but we recommend letting them soak for 24 hours.

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