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In Norcia: the best of Umbria and discover our Norcineria!

Stop for sandwiches in Norcia, sandwiches in Norcia

There are many reasons that lead you to choose a Norcineria especially if you are looking for the best in Umbria, but here the choice is really easy! These are the reviews that talk about us and you can see the name and surname of the people who have reviewed us. All reviews are REAL and our image is what our customers say, those who come to visit us in our shop. Inside the shop there is a special area to taste the typical products of Norcia: our platters of cold cuts and cheeses. Of course we also make some great sandwiches in Norcia for those looking for street food!

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What are you waiting for? Come and visit us, book your table by sending us a message with Whatsapp by clicking here, we accept reservations for ALL days, there are no particular times, you can have your breakfast at 10 in the morning or a good aperitif at 5 in the afternoon … or you can have a nice tasting with a MAXI CUTTING BOARD for lunch . Together with the cutting board we can give you the best wine of Umbria or one of our craft beers BIRRA NURSIA, the beer of the Benedictine Monks of Norcia.

Our reviews on Google Maps are not bad (indeed it must be said that they are EXCELLENT). Customers are also really satisfied with our shipments of baskets of typical products,even in the period of Christmas baskets when there is the maximum crowd we are always more than willing to accommodate your requests.

Norcineria Laudani, managed by Emanuele and Sebastiano, awaits you in Norcia, in the store in Corso Sertorio, very close to Porta Romana and, if you cannot come to Norcia, we will send you all the products to your home. APERITIF AT HOME, a special edition of our BASKETS OF NORCIA PRODUCTS.

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Discover all our cutting boards and sandwiches of norcineria di Norcia

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Snack in Norcia

Come and discover local products in a more convenient and faster format: a snack in Norcia made with ham , salami and pecorino!

Norcineria Laudani is located a few meters from Porta Romana and, inside, is equipped with tables for a quick tasting of cold cuts, cheeses and to accompany it all with an excellent glass of DOC, DOCG or IGT wine.

Our cutting boards are prepared directly on site and can be enriched with all the specialties you will find in the butchery: fresh cheeses, sauces, salami, cow’s milk caciotta or aged pecorino.

In addition to wine you can enjoy excellent snacks in Norcia also together with NURSIA BEER, a product born from the hand of the Benedictine Monks and available in two versions: the blonde beer, light and appreciated by all, and the red beer, more flavored with an intense flavor and a higher alcohol content.

What are the perfect products for a snack in Norcia?

  • Cured meats such as coral,
  • Norcia IGP ham,
  • Soft cow’s milk caciotta,
  • Soft spreadable salami,
  • Pecorino aged 90 days with sweet jams,
  • Pecorino aged 12 months with refined compotes,

All this can be paired with a Montefalco wine or a San Giovese. If you like white there will always be an excellent Grechetto.

Do you want to reserve a table? Contact us by phone
3387925338or 3388530222

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Salami platters in Norcia

Take advantage of the authentic flavors of Umbria during your trip and enjoy the platters of cured meats in Norcia

Norcineria Laudani is located in the historic center of Norcia and is equipped with internal tables for a quick tasting of cold cuts, cheesesand to accompany it all with an excellent glass of DOC, DOCG or IGT wine.

Our cold cuts in Norcia are prepared with fresh ingredients, freshly sliced and contain all the specialties that are available in the butchery: starting from the ham seasoned at high altitude, passing through the cured meats made according to tradition, passing through the aged cheese with milk. of the shepherd.

What are the products that we always insert in the cold cuts platter in Norcia?

Salami platters in Norcia
  • Mountain ham,
  • Corallina (a cured meat made with thick lardons of fat)
  • A taste of soft cow caciotta,
  • Pecorino aged over 12 months enriched with compotes and jams

All this can be paired, as we said, with a good glass of Montefalco wine or with a San Giovese. If you like white wine there will always be an excellent Grechetto waiting for you.

If you prefer to taste our cold cuts with a NURSIA BEER you can try another product born in Norcia, an idea of the Benedictine Monks. The beer is available in two versions: the light version, suitable for any occasion, a light beer appreciated by everyone, and the red, a product with an intense flavor, with a strong taste and a higher alcohol content.

Our proposal is very simple and allows you to have 3 different packages available with:

norcia_da_raw basic snack board

6 Euro
1/2 liter of water
taste of
mountain ham
2 types of cold cuts
1 type of cheese


10 Euro
1/2 liter of water + a glass of wine or a soft drink
samples of
mountain ham
3 types of cold cuts
2 types of cheeses

16 Euro
1/2 liter of water + a glass of wine or a soft drink
tasting of
mountain ham
3 types of cold cuts
3 types of cheeses (includes aged pecorino)
with mini jar of jam

Pair a craft beer or large bottle of wine for a small fee

Maximum capacity 25 people
Opening hours 9-18 with continuous hours

Do you want to reserve a seat? Do you want to prepare a cutting board directly at your home? Contact us by phone at the numbers


3387925338or 3388530222

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Tastings in Norcia

If you want to discover the best local products, we recommend that you discover the tastings in Norcia to be carried out directly at Norcineria Laudani.

tastings in norcia with platter of cured meats and cheeses norcineria

In the Norcineria Laudani we allow you to carry out tastings in Norcia of products such as caciotta, salami, pecorino and ham. All combined with a good beer or a glass of good Umbrian wine. Montefalco Sagrantino is a DOCG wine that perfectly represents the quality of Umbrian wines. It is also grown in the nearby regions of Tuscany and Marche but the DOC and DOCG recognition is linked to Umbria and the municipality of Montefalco.

The beer we were talking to you about is the NURSIA BEER, a special beer, an idea of the Benedictine Monks of Norcia. Available in blonde and red versions, it is always appreciated by everyone.

The cutting boards are all served in the internal tables of the Delicatessen Laudani

Dove fare le tue degustazioni a Norcia?

Inside the Delicatessen Laudani

Prenota ai numeri 3387925338 oppure 3388530222

You can order and eat on the spot the products of our land such as ham, salami, fresh or seasoned pecorino cheese and all the butchers you want! Inside the Norcineria Laudani there are spaces that you can use for your moments of relaxation.

If you go to Norcia you can come and visit us even without notice, the Laudani Norcineria is open every weekday from 09 to 18 and on holidays from 09 to 19, booking is not necessary but if you want to make a tasting with a group of friends it is advisable to notify us in advance, even a phone call or a message via Whatsapp or Messenger is enough.

Book now!

Do you want to reserve a seat? Do you want to prepare a cutting board directly at your home? Contact us by phone at 3387925338 numbers or 3388530222

Do you want to contact us on the fly? Send us a message via FACEBOOK MESSENGER

Are you an organized group of at least 10 people? See our special offer for groups