Cascia saffron – Very pure saffron from Umbria



The pure saffron of Cascia is a product made entirely in the area, coming from an agriculture that was centuries away. Cascia is a territory where this spice was already known since the Middle Ages (and perhaps even before), it was used both for the coloring of clothing and for food.

in Italy saffron is widespread in most of the territory and has recognized the denomination of ODP in Sardinia,in Tuscany, with saffron of San Gimignano,and in Abruzzo, with saffron of L’Aquila.

In the past, saffron was also defined as Cafcia’s saffron, and books from past centuries are also reported.

saffron is an excellent product for use in the kitchen, it has incredible organoleptic characteristics. It is a rich product antioxidants and contains various vitamins, groups A, B and C.

the properties go beyond the content in terms of vitamins and biologicals, the same product is an excellent natural antidepressant that acts in the nervous system by relieving stress and tension.

It is useful against insomnia and according to some studies it prevents Alzheimer’s.

Saffron, thanks to vitamin A is good for the eyes and prevents degeneration of the retina, is an anti-inflammatory product that reduces cough and inflammation of the bronchi, as regards its other innumerable properties There is the stimulation of cell regeneration for the skin in as it helps to counteract free radicals and maintains a certain elasticity in the skin.

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Last, but not least, saffron stimulates the metabolism, making our intestines more efficient in metabolizing fats.

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