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Basket with Easter Pizza: a sweet pizza, sausages, salami and pecorino

Buy a traditional Norcia basket and discover our Easter breakfast. The pizza and all the other products are from the Norcia companies: bring the products of our tradition to your table on Easter morning.

Order today and receive the products by express courier in 24-48 hours.

  • PORK SAUSAGES (500g)

Total cost of the products 66 Euros, discounted to 60 Euros
Standard shipping costs 15 Euros, discounted to 10 Euros

Total with Easter pizza and shipping: 70 Euros

Easter Pizza

Pay with PAYPAL for Easter pizza and all other products and get insurance on shipping too: free!

Easter pizza is a traditional product of our land, it is made in various ways, with raisins, with chocolate or with candied fruit. In the neighboring areas, the savory version is also made, with cheese inside.

The box with which the products are delivered is a gift box that shows our company logo with a gold-colored mold. It is an excellent product both to be consumed at home and to be presented as a gift.

Do you want to bring a little tradition to your table? Do you want to try the pizza with “coral” salami? Do you want to find out how good it is when accompanied by chocolate eggs?

Do you want to buy other products as well?

Contact us by phone at 3387925338 or visit our website with all the offers

It is also possible to ship multiple packages, in that case please send us an email or contact us by phone to get the exact price with the shipping costs (obviously 2-3 shipments do not pay double or triple, but it will be Less).

You can also buy the product together with other items using our ecommerce, click here to discover our package with the Pasquale pizza