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Price Norcia Summer Truffle – Scorzone

The summer truffle in Norcia has a variable price, based on its supply and demand.

norcineria laudani a tartufi quarry black truffle

This is the best time to buy it with a well-defined price. We are far from the end of the harvest, we are in the prime time for harvesting and the products that are now preserved perfectly for several days.

Norcineria Laudani employs local professionals who make the truffle quarry their main strength.

If you want to savor a good plate of homemade pasta, you can’t help but look for the summer truffle now!

summer truffle price

What is the price of the summer truffle?

Contact us by phone to find out about our offer, the truffle in this period of July has a variable cost between 10 and 15 euros per hectogram and can be available for immediate delivery almost every day.

Home delivery is possible but we invite you to contact us by phone as it is a very variable product.

It is also possible to contact us via mobile phone 33879253383388530222

by email to the address

or send us a message with Whatsapp by clicking here

The point of sale telephone number is: 0743828196

We will respond professionally to any request as quickly as possible. Please contact us by phone if you do not receive a reply as it means that there was some problem in the communication method.

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