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Snack in Norcia

Come and discover local products in a more convenient and faster format: a snack in Norcia made with ham , salami and pecorino!

Norcineria Laudani is located a few meters from Porta Romana and, inside, is equipped with tables for a quick tasting of cold cuts, cheeses and to accompany it all with an excellent glass of DOC, DOCG or IGT wine.

Our cutting boards are prepared directly on site and can be enriched with all the specialties you will find in the butchery: fresh cheeses, sauces, salami, cow’s milk caciotta or aged pecorino.

In addition to wine you can enjoy excellent snacks in Norcia also together with NURSIA BEER, a product born from the hand of the Benedictine Monks and available in two versions: the blonde beer, light and appreciated by all, and the red beer, more flavored with an intense flavor and a higher alcohol content.

What are the perfect products for a snack in Norcia?

  • Cured meats such as coral,
  • Norcia IGP ham,
  • Soft cow’s milk caciotta,
  • Soft spreadable salami,
  • Pecorino aged 90 days with sweet jams,
  • Pecorino aged 12 months with refined compotes,

All this can be paired with a Montefalco wine or a San Giovese. If you like white there will always be an excellent Grechetto.

Do you want to reserve a table? Contact us by phone
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